Monday, May 24, 2010

Expat Women Is Getting A Face Lift & We Want Your Ideas!

Hi Everyone, It has been over two years since our Expat Women site has had any cosmetic surgery, so we think it is time again for a little botox.

Hopefully you noticed that earlier this month we increased the font size of all the main text on our site to improve readability. 

Now, thanks to the kind support of our Sponsors, we now have some money put aside to modernize our design a little too.

A special thanks in advance to repat Beth Nori (and a former Expat Women Mentor - when we had Mentors) of Nori Studios for again helping us to liven up our existing website design.

We have given Beth our ideas, but we would love your ideas too.

Do you like the pink?  Do you not like the pink?

What part of the site do you love?  What part really bugs you?

Can you find what you need?  What can't you find easily?

If you had an endless bucket of money, what is the thing that you would most like improved?

We cannot promise what ideas we will use, but we would genuinely like to hear your input, to help us know where best to spend our (modest, but workable) design budget.

We would really appreciate it if you could please email us all of your ideas by the end of the week.

Many, many thanks!  Andrea

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