Sunday, November 22, 2009

Researcher In The UK Looking For Expatriate Survey Participants

Hi Everyone, Another research request today... This time for Bruno Arba who is studying International Human Resources Management at the London South Bank University.

Bruno's dissertation is about the management of expatriates and expatriate family issues by MNCs. He is looking for expats who can spare 10-15 minutes to complete his 2-page (Microsoft Word document) questionnaire. If you can help, please kindly request the survey documents directly from Bruno here.

Completed surveys need to be submitted by 30 November. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to Bruno but there are easier ways to do a survey than sending out a word doc. Zoomerang's Text Import feature let's you import a document file -- it gets programmed in seconds and the questions get auto-configured. Real-time reporting too.

Expat Women said...

Hi Foibles, Normally we don't publish advertising-type comments, but Zoomerang looks like a useful site, so happy to share it. Most people I know seem to use Survey Monkey, but good to know about Zoomerang too. Thanks, Andrea.

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