Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodhealth Worldwide is now Aetna Global Benefits

Hi Everyone, You may have noticed a new name on our site today: Aetna Global Benefits. This is in fact our loyal Gold Sponsor, Goodhealth Worldwide, but with a new name. Aetna Global Benefits took over Goodhealth Worldwide a little while ago and the rebranding has just taken place.

"Aetna Global Benefits (AGB) is a specialist provider of international health insurance for expatriates. We offer a full range of worldwide health insurance plans and whether you are looking for individual, family, group or company cover, we have an international medical insurance plan to suit your requirements. Aetna Global Benefits makes sure you have access to the finest medical facilities worldwide, enabling you to obtain the best possible treatment whenever and wherever you need it.

As experienced specialists in international health insurance, we understand that, living abroad, expatriates require comprehensive worldwide medical insurance. Our international travel medical insurance plans ensure you are not faced with large medical bills, and provide a valuable range of additional international healthcare services."

The good news is that Aetna Global Benefits is still proudly supporting Expat Women! So in return, if you need international health insurance, please consider supporting Aetna by making an enquiry and/or receiving a personal quote today.

Thank you muchly, Andrea.

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