Sunday, November 8, 2009

How To Be A Global Grandparent

Hello again, Many months ago I was sent a review copy of the new book How To Be A Global Grandparent: Living With The Separation, by Anne Huscroft and Peter Gosling.

Finally, I had a chance to read through this book last week and I would like to recommend it to any new grandparents out there who have not been expats themselves and who are simultaneously trying to understand both the world of grandparenting and the expat world that their children now live in.

For grandparents new to emails and the internet, this book also walks readers through how to use each of these online technologies, in an effort to encourage grandparents to keep up communication from afar, in a way that fits into their children's busy lives.


Anonymous said...

I've read part of this book and was pleased that I'm not the only Granny struggling to deal with my new grandchild being across the other side of the world. The mail section is a good reminder of how to do things, as my daughter isn't by my side showing me what to click next any more. A useful book and worth buying.

Jo Parfitt said...

As a mother of two expat kids who lived away from their grandparents for most of their lives, and as the daughter of one of the authors, I know this book well. I know its truth. I also know that my father, Peter, and Anne, his co-author interviewed many other global grandparents and psychologists in writing this and that it supports people just like you, Anonymous.

Anne said...

My father proved a useful "guinea pig" whilst I was researching the book's content. Starting out as a novice, he's now a confident "silver surfer". Initially using his new skills to keep in touch with his grandson, Dad now regularly emails and searches the internet. It truly works. His next challenge is to convince Mum that she can use it too!

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