Monday, November 30, 2009

Expat Women December Home Page

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Hi Everyone, We have just uploaded our Expat Women December home page and we invite you to take a look at our new features:

Success Story
Michelle Greene
Johnson Controls
Michelle Greene is the IT Director at Johnson Controls. She has also been honored as one of the Most Important Blacks in Technology (MIBiT). Michelle shares with us her career advice and talks about how her assignment in Sweden helped to get her to where she is today...
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Business Idea
Events & Company
Rachel Kaplan
Rachel Kaplan is an expat woman in France who has tremendous energy and business nous. She oversees five successful businesses specializing in customized tours, events and concierge services. She has hosted Hollywood celebrities, a former US President and more...
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26 Travel Tips
Making Friends On The Road
Evelyn Hannon
Evelyn's travel website,, connects 67,500 women in 128 countries around the world. Evelyn kindly shares with us her top 26 tips for traveling solo, so you can make plenty of friends on the open road...
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Career Help Abroad
Finding Professional Career Help Abroad (For Accompanying Spouses)
Jennifer Bradley
You have arrived in your new location and the whirlwind of moving is starting to settle. Now your thoughts can turn to some of the issues that you have had to shelve while you addressed other urgent issues, such as "What about my career?"...
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Global Nomads & College
A Global Nomad's Guide To College Applications
Kristina Dooley
Families whose children have spent their school-age years living abroad can often reach a state of frustration or panic when embarking on the college application process. Questions abound such as: "Will my child's transcripts make sense to the admissions committee?", "Will they understand why my son has not completed the full IB diploma?", or "Will the fact that my daughter has not been a club president be viewed negatively?"...
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Expat Women Confession
Special Needs Children
Expat Women Girlfriend
We are considering taking on an expatriate posting. My question is about special needs education. We have two young children: our 4 year old has dyslexia and the youngest, 2½, has just been diagnosed with autism. I am torn with guilt between wanting to go abroad and jeopardising our children’s education. Is it unrealistic for us to consider an expat posting...
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