Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Expat Women November Newsletter

Hi Everyone, If you are a member of our main site,, and you did not receive our newsletter for November 2009 this week, please let us know here. If you have not signed up to Expat Women yet, please do so now. Your support really does make a difference when we are trying to raise money from sponsors and advertisers to keep Expat Women growing strong.

November Newsletter

In addition to our home page features, our newsletter includes:

Article Contributions

If you would like to contribute an article for potential inclusion on our site and/or in our newsletter, please send us your new, original, 1000-word, quality article for us to review, anytime.

Story Submissions

Our Read The Stories section of is one of the most-read sections of our site, but we are always in need of more quality stories from wonderful women like you. Please consider helping us by submitting a story. Story guidelines are available here.

Thank You

Thank you very, very much Everyone! Andrea

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