Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Matador Abroad For Travel Writers

Hi Everyone, Thanks to a comment left on a previous blog post by Niamh Griffin, we learnt today of an online network dedicated to travel writers and enthusiasts:

"Matador Abroad has taken the best of professional journalism and online community and blended the two to create something much more compelling than either by itself. We publish professionally written content based around travel and the healthy lifestyle of our community members. Published in an interactive blog format, this content is linked directly into our growing social network to make every article a conversation."

The Matador Network at a glance:
Matador Travel - Our vibrant and growing social network with over 10,000 active users
Brave New Traveler - Spiritual travel in the 21st Century
The Traveler’s Notebook - Travel writing, photography and expert travel tips
Matador Study - Study abroad, languages and cultural immersion
Matador Volunteer - Voluntourism, sustainability and global development
Matador Trips - Adventure travel off the beaten track
Matador Nights - Nightlife, events and the arts
Matador Goods - Travel gear, clothing, gadgets
Matador Pulse - Travel news from around the world

They only pay US$25 per article published, but their system seems to be working because they have published 856 articles by willing contributors this year alone and their network receives 600,000 unique visitors per month - which is huge!

So, if you are an expat woman who enjoys reading and/or writing about travel, take a look, get involved and maybe make a name for yourself as a travel expert online.

Warmest wishes, Andrea.

PS. Travel Magazines That Publish Your Writing
One good article that we found that targets travel writers or wannabees specifically was: 50+ Travel Magazines That Want To Publish Your Writing. It was dated 2007 but it was on their home page, so it is probably popular and useful enough that the age of the article does not really matter.

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