Saturday, May 30, 2009

Expat Women June Home Page

Hi Everyone, We have uploaded our Expat Women Home Page for June a little early. Please take a few minutes to check out our new June features:

Success Story
Barb de Corti
ENJO Australia
In the early 1990's, Barb de Corti, originally from Austria, turned microfiber into the hottest cleaning item to hit the Australian bench top. Her passion to turn Australia green earned her the position of Australia's wealthiest young female entrepreneur at the age of 40...
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Business Idea
Career By Choice
Megan Fitzgerald
We talk to Megan Fitzgerald, who is an expat career and personal branding coach and the founder of Career By Choice. She helps expats and international development professionals worldwide use their personal brand to build a career or business that 'fits' who they are and their international lifestyle...
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Living Abroad
Living Your Best Life Abroad
Jeanne Heinzer
Jeanne Heinzer describes herself as an artist - a lifelong student of the art of saying goodbye to one city or country and setting up home in another. Join us as we talk to Jeanne about her new book for accompanying partners and her tips for living your best life abroad...
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TCKs and College/University: From Overseas to Undergrad
Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed
Third Culture Kids (TCKs) who have grown up overseas and many times are going to live in the country of their passport for the first time, or at least the first time in a very long time, face special considerations when searching for the right fit and match in higher education...
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Expat Women Confession
My Visa Is Expiring: Unplanned Repatriation
Expat Women Girlfriend
I am 53, divorced with grown children. I am a teacher by training and 2 years ago decided that life is too short and picked up and moved to Africa... My problem is that now I am at retirement age, the government will not renew my visa and I am not allowed to stay here..
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Global Dinner Network
Tanja Lindermeier
We talk to Global Dinner Network (GDN) founder, Tanja Lindermeier, about her way for cosmopolitan women to meet over dinner, wherever their travel takes them. Tanja is a German professional - living and working in the United States, who set up GDN in 2005...
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