Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hurry! Clements International's Scholarships Deadline is May 15: US$10,000 To Be Shared

Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that the entry deadline for the expat youth scholarships is May 15. So if you know anyone aged 12-18 that benefit from a share in the US$10,000 scholarship giveaway, encourage them to get their entries in pronto.

Here's some text from our recent member mail-out that further explains this great new program:

Clements International (our Expat Women Silver Sponsor) is excited this year to be offering a new scholarship program for expatriate students.

US$10,000 will be shared between six winning students, aged 12-18, of any nationality, who have spent at least two years living outside of their home country.

The scholarship contest offers expat students a chance to share their experiences of living in a foreign country through an essay (500 words or more) and creative media (photographs, illustrations, paintings or video).

“As a company devoted to protecting the futures of expatriates and their families, this scholarship demonstrates our commitment to supporting growth and learning among this unique segment of the population,” said Vice President of Marketing, Lloyd Yavener.

Click Here for more information and good luck!

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