Thursday, May 28, 2009

Expat Susie's Blog Blocked In Saudi

Hi Everyone, I read with interest yesterday a story on Middle East Online entitled US expat's blog on Saudi life censored.

This is a story about Susie who runs the blog Susie's Big Adventure (and Jeddah Daily Photo Journal), about her life in Saudi Arabia, where she moved to in 2007 with her Saudi husband of nearly 30 years.

Susie's blog is one of the most popular blogs listed in our Expat Women Blog Directory, but poor Susie has had her blog blocked for Saudi audiences, even though she can still post to her blog and receive blog comments via email - crossing her fingers that her blog continues to 'look okay' - as she cannot actually see it herself.

If this has happenned to you (wherever you might be located), take heart, you are not alone.

If you are in Saudi, you might like to drop Susie a line here (as you might not be able to access her blog).

Best wishes, Andrea.

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