Monday, January 31, 2011

Writers: Missed Some Great Writers' Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, If you are an aspiring, or a professional, writer, here are some of my recent writer-related tweets that might interest you, as you write your expat stories and/or you write for business or pleasure:

Highly Recommended: 52 Great Blogs For Self-Publishers

5 Strategies for Success as a Freelance Writer

Inspiring: Interview with self published, single dad, whose income went from poverty level to US$25k this quarter

Just Discovered: 50 Things Under $50 To Help Promote Your Book (2009, but still great tips)

Tips to help you overcome writer's block, by one of world's leading thinkers

23 Websites ( and 23 More Websites ( To Help Make Your Writing Stronger

Some good answers to the "How do you prevent a PDF/e-book from being shared?" question:

3 Ways To Capture/Visualize Your Literary Goals

Thinking of Getting Bloggers to Help Promote Your Book? Advice:

Writers: How to Find Paying Magazines with Keyword Research

Writers: Tips For Checking Your Book Proofs From The Printer

How to Sell More Books on Amazon

Next Big Market For eBooks? South Korea

Writers: Seen Duotrope's Digest? Free resource site listing publications that might take your articles...

Recommended: 7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites

Writers: 12 Ways To Create A Mailing List That Will Sell Books

Writers: Book Designer, Book Shepherd, Book Doctor or Book Producer: Which One Do You Need?

Writers: Tips for Setting Financial Goals for Your Book

Authors: Thinking of Using a Pseudonym?

6 things wannabe expat writers must know featuring Jo Parfitt

Is This The Biggest Book Promotion You Have Ever Seen?

Want To Get Published? Watch interview with John Wiley and Sons rep at Blog World 2010

Do You Make These Press Release Mistakes?

Writers: Success Story: Karen van der Zee: 35 Romance Novels Published!

How do you get Google to notice your eBook?

Influencers 2010: On Writing, Publishing, Blogging, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

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Best wishes, enjoy your day/evening! Andrea :-)

ps. My apologies if this text/font comes through too large. I'm still adjusting to a Mac and my Mac doesn't talk well to Blogger, apparently. Thanks for your understanding. Andrea.

Update (1 week later): Sorry Everyone. The title was originally "expat" links. It should have been "writers' links". It has been amended now. My sincere apologies for any confusion. 

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