Sunday, February 6, 2011

Expat Women Thanks Its Biggest Referrers

Hi Everyone, We would like to give a big, public shout-out and thanks to the following fabulous websites and blogs, who have referred the most people to Expat Women (in any one given month) over the last 5-6 months. 

We definitely depend on word-of-mouth support, so please, if you think our site adds value to the expat world, please tell all of your expat friends, family and expat clubs about our huge, free resource site. If possible, please also put our link and/or
logo on your/your club's website and/or submit your blog to our Expat Women Blog Directory and who knows... maybe next time, your site will be on our thank you list. Thanks so much Everyone! Andrea :-)

Bangkok Mothers and Babies International
A fabulous group in Bangkok, Thailand.

Called Madeleine
All about Madeleine - an American expat living in Sydney.

Chicky Net
A social network for women in Thailand.

Expat Expo Switzerland
Site for the various expat exhibitions this company hosts each year for English-Speakers living in Switzerland.

Expat Expo France
Website for the new expat exhibition beind held this month in Paris, France.

Excellent site full of news and information for the international community.

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas.

Get in the Hot Spot
Empowering tips for life and work by expat Annabel Candy.

A very popular travel resource site for women, by Evelyn Hannon.

La Mom
Tales of an American mom in Paris.

Living in Singapore
Great tips and information about living in and moving to Singapore.

Peterthals in Zurich Austin
By Deborah - an American repatraite who was formerly living as an expat in Switzerland

Susie’s Big Adventure
Susie's stories and information about expatriate life in Saudi Arabia.

Tales From a Small Planet
Wonderful site with lots of information about living abroad.

Transitions Abroad
Comprehensive resource site for working, studying, traveling and living abroad.

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