Monday, January 17, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some expat-related articles and links that I have tweeted about recently, that might interest you:

Expat Survey says it's the leisure time, not the money, that's better abroad

Top 10 Places for Women Expats

Loved new video promo for book by expat trailing man Alan Paul who reinvented himself in China

Top International Women to Follow on Twitter

Why Should Expat Families Abroad Care About the Boarding School or College/University Visit?

Ex-Career Expat Wives - Your thoughts?

Expat study suggests that providing too much support may actually hinder workplace performance

Got $500k to $1million to invest in the U.S. economy to fast track your U.S. citizenship?

Well-known author of expat books, Robin Pascoe, releases new repatriate "blogella"

Article Writing: Interview with Expat Writing Coach Jo Parfitt

Want To Know Who's Speaking At The 2011 FIGT Conference?

Moving to London, Geneva, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai?
Check out - they just won industry award

Expat Wives: Blog Post for You

British expat woman in Turkey raising funds to help train families still recovering from earthquake of 1999

Expats: Online Magazine for Parents Raising Little Global Citizens

Expat Issues: Cauldrons of Cultural Complexity, Deal-Breaking Weather, Fashion Faux-Pas

Expat Women moving to the U.S.? Check out Girlfriend Circles to meet new friends in your area

Funny: Expats Helping to Re-Write Chinglish Signs In Shanghai

Expats: Looking For The 'Good Life' in France?
and WAIF (Women Alone in France)

Expat Secrets: Great Week of Posts about Damaging Expat Behaviors from Expat Coach Marie Brice

Do expats really have a better life abroad?

Does abuse occur in expat communities?

Congrats to Winners: Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards


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Jeff & Gena said...

Mahalo for paying it forward with great resources and links. With this post alone you allow anyone considering the expat life a genuine look at the possibilities. Keep it coming!

zestnzen said...

WOW Andrea, That's a lot of work! Thank you for sharing precious information. Expats out there like me will find this collection very useful. The expat world seems to expand at an unprecedented speed or more expats share information online, a combination of both I guess !
Bravo et Merci

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