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Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! Now that you are probably back from any great holiday that you enjoyed over Christmas/New Year, please take a few minutes to read, share, tweet and be inspired by our Expat Women January features. Many, many thanks and we wish you a fabulous start to 2011! Andrea


Success Story
Elaine Young
CEO & Co-Founder, Shama
Elaine Young, mother of three, is a savvy expat entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. In 2009, Elaine was named the Entrepreneur of the Year by the prestigious RBS Coutts and Financial Times, Women in Asia Awards, and in 2010 she successfully sold her multi-million dollar property business…

Business Idea
'Chef in Berlin'
Jill DiGiovanni
When growing up near Niagara Falls, Jill DiGiovanni dreamt of being happily swept away. Her dream came true; first when she began cooking as a chef on the seas, and now, while running her own business as a chef in Berlin...

Travel Writing
6 Tips to Make it Better
Sybil Baker

When I first moved to South Korea to teach English in 1995... I would write long letters home to my parents detailing the mystifying and fascinating world of “exotic” Asia. My parents would share those letters with friends or other relatives, and invariably people would say...

Global Students
The New Global Student: Skip The SAT, Save Thousands On Tuition And Get A Truly International Education
Maya Frost
In 2005, Mindfulness Trainer Maya Frost put her creative, "eyes-wide-open" strategies into action by selling everything in suburban America and moving abroad with her husband Tom and their four teenage daughters...

Getting Help
Living Without a Net: Getting Help, Far From Home
Sean D Truman, PhD LP And Susan Bernstein
The experience of moving and living overseas is, as all expats know, a compelling and even seductive event... There are times, however, when our coping mechanisms break down, and it becomes difficult if not impossible to make the adjustments that are necessary to do well...

Expat Confession
Finding The Right School

Expat Women Girlfriend
We are on the verge of moving to Lithuania and I was wondering if you could please give me some tips to help me choose the 'best fit' school for our 7 year old son. All of the school websites I have visited make each school look so picture-perfect, but...

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