Monday, October 25, 2010

Expat Women October Newsletter Highlights

Hi Everyone, For those of you who missed our Expat Women October 2010 members' newsletter at the end of last week, here were the highlights:

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Success Story: Laura Stanbridge, Consultant, Marbella, Spain;

Business Idea: Jill Coyle, Imports Oriental, Beijing;

New Book: Thrive: 34 Inspiring Women who have reinvented their lives abroad;

Personal Branding: An Expat's Secret Weapon In The War For Talent, by Lois Freeke;

Expat Confession: An Affair Upon Repatriation, by our Expat Women Girlfriend;

6 Ways To Improve The Success Of Your Website: Insights from the SES Conference in Hong Kong, by Andrea Martins;

Expat Blogging: What's In It For Me? by Maria Foley;

Winning Story: Treading Water in an Ocean of Poverty, by Gabrielle (a Brit in Cambodia); and

Winner: The name of our Explorer Publishing mini-guide pack winner.

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Thanks Everyone! Andrea

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