Friday, October 1, 2010

Expat Women October 2010 Home Page

Hi Everyone, Please take a look at, share and tweet about our new October Expat Women home page, which features:

Success Story
Laura Stanbridge

Consultant (Marbella, Spain)
Having moved abroad for her first job out of university, American Laura Stanbridge has crisscrossed the globe and now works as a consultant in Marbella, Spain, where she earned special recognition from the City of Marbella for her contributions...

Business Idea
Imports Oriental
Jill Coyle
Four years after setting up home in Beijing, Jill started an import/export business that did so well that her corporate husband quit his job to join the company! In May 2010, Jill was chosen as the People’s Choice Entrepreneur of the Year at the Beijing Women in Business Leadership Awards...

New Coffee-Table Book
Ruth Kuguru, Lisa Blunt Rochester & Alejandra Guzmán
We talk to the ladies whose new coffee-table book Thrive tells the stories of thirty-four remarkable women who have built new lives for themselves and their families in Shanghai…

Personal Branding:
An Expat's Secret Weapon In The War For Talent
Lois Freeke
According to Execunet, personal branding is now the number one career management tool used by executives worldwide. What does it mean to you as an expat overseas?

Expat Confession
An Affair Upon Repatriation
Expat Women Girlfriend
My husband and I lived abroad for 15 years – in Amsterdam, Belgrade and Bangkok. We moved home 18 months ago, but my husband continued to travel a lot. Last month my husband told me that for the first time in our 21 years together, he cheated on me...

Insights from the 2010 Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference, Hong Kong
6 Ways To Improve The Success Of Your Website
Andrea Martins
Sara Lander’s clothing design website was up and running and now the whole world was going to starting coming to see and buy her unique clothing designs. Right?

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