Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Expat Women: Looking For A Way To Shop Conveniently From Any US Website?

Hi Everyone, We are very excited to announce today our partnership with our new Bronze Sponsor, US Global Mail! 

If only I had known about US Global Mail years ago, it would have saved me many a frustration of not being able to buy what I wanted on US websites unless I was visiting the US... and it would have saved me all those excess baggage costs when I did visit the US and ambitiously brought back everything I had not been able to get since my last US visit.

If you are looking for the services they offer, please do support the companies that support us. Warmest thanks, Andrea.

US Global Mail

"Serving expats for the last 15 years, US Global Mail offers mail forwarding and fulfilment services to individuals and corporates.  Whether you are an expatriate from the US, travel for business, or are frequently abroad for pleasure, US Global Mail's mail and package forwarding service ensures your mail gets to you in a reliable, cost effective and timely manner."

Live outside of the US and want to shop US based websites that don’t ship internationally?

"Open an account with us to get your very own US street address, direct your shopping packages to your new US account and accept delivery anywhere in the world.  Don’t ever be locked out on great deals from eBay, Amazon and popular discounted designer apparel websites again, sign up today!"

Thanks US Global Mail for your support!

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