Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Want To Find Some Free E-Books About Living Abroad?

Hi Everyone, Thanks to an email from, we have just learnt about their free e-books on the following topics:

  • living abroad;
  • business;
  • career;
  • family;
  • learning
  • money;
  • poker;
  • property;
  • well-being; and
  • writing.

In the Abroad section, they currently have 29 books that you can read online for free - on topics that range from finding a job abroad, starting a business abroad, retiring abroad, living in specific countries abroad and so on.

In terms of usability, reading online (and needing to click every time you want to go to the next chapter) is not as user-friendly as reading a downloadable PDF document, but, at the beginning you can click straight from the contents page to the chapter that you are most interested in... and, given that the information is useful and free, what's the inconvenience of a few clicks...?

Check the e-books out if you are interested. Best wishes, Andrea.

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