Friday, February 13, 2009

Television Documentary Seeking Expat Entrepreneurs With Interesting Businesses Abroad

Hi Everyone, If you are an interesting expat with an interesting business abroad, Christiane Mannini is looking for you...

"Hi Expat Women, My name is Christiane Mannini and I am looking for interesting people all around the world with interesting, innovative businesses (such as the Italian expat we will be featuring who went to a small island near the West African Coast, where he is producing one of the best chocolates in the world from the cultivation of cocoa beans to the bar of chocolate). The focus is not so much on managerial professions or success in an industrial job but rather on originality and an inventive business with high quality products.

The search is for people to feature in a television series that I am working on, which will be shown on Arte, which is a French-German cultural channel. It is a public tv channel and is aired simultaneously in both countries in the respective languages. Arte is considered, maybe alongside with the BBC, to be the tv station with the highest quality program in Europe.

I have done several documentaries for German public tv and of course for Arte. The last ones were about childcare in different countries and the different positions nannies have (ie. in the US, in Britain, France and Germany).

Another one was about a silk weaving facility in Florence, which produces wonderful, dream-like fabric. They still use the same kind of looms used during the Renaissance.

Another one was about the last woman on earth who still works with byssus. You have probably never heard about byssus, I didn't either before I made the film - but this is a thread which derives from a shell that is growing in the Mediterranean Sea. The lady is from Sardinia- an Italian island. In a very elaborate process a part of this animal can be made into threads which are then woven. The fabric has a golden shine and has been used centuries and thousands of years back to produce garments for priests and kings. King Solomon's gown is believed to have been made of byssus. An incredible story.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me find interesting people to feature!"

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