Friday, February 27, 2009

Top 10 Tips For Living In...

Hi Everyone, Expat Exchange (a very well-established and well-respected expat site) has recently been gathering and sharing tips for various countries that have come straight from their members.

For example:
Top 10 Tips For Living in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Top 10 Tips For Living in Denmark
Top 10 Tips For Living in Morocco
10 Tips For Living in Portugal

Here are a few more (but written by individuals, not collated from members' tips):
15 Top Tips About Moving To The UK
10 Tips For Moving To France
Top 10 Tips For Living Abroad

We haven't talked about Expat Exchange before, but they deserve a bit of a promo, as they have invested countless hours over several years into compiling a lot of great content for expats worldwide.

Take a look if you have not already - we hope you find the site useful.

PS. Here is an another interesting one on their site: It was written in 2004 by Tom Johnson (who was an expat in Cairo at the time)... it's just one to read for fun: 10 Types Of Expats.

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