Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Site For Bloggers & Website Owners

Hi Everyone, I want to recommend a great site for website owners, that has some excellent interviews with 'real' website owners and bloggers - who talk about how they started their online businesses, what lessons they have learned, tips, traps and so on.

The site is called Is It Possible To Make Money Online? and it is run by an Australian guy, Brenden Wood. Understandably, most of the interviews are with Australians, but given that we are talking about web businesses, the principles are universal - and you can easily listen to the audio interviews while you are working on your emails, blogging or doing other things.

Confession: It has taken me 24 hours to pluck up the courage to share this great site, as my interview is now on the site and I am a little nervous (eg. Do I sound silly? Do I sound too young -even though I'm not? Did I talk too much?). But I am swallowing my pride, because I want to support Brenden and I want to share with you these fun and useful interviews.

Here's one of my favourite interviews on Brenden's site: Karen Cheng - Australia's most popular blogger (which was the interview that convinced me to say 'yes' to Brenden's interview request).

Here are some more of his interviews (you can find them all on his site if you click on "older entries" at the bottom of his pages, or you can click on the links below):

Famous Blogger Talks Business
The Aussie Story Behind Twitter’s Famous ‘Fail Whale’
How To Incorporate Reader Generated Content Into A Site
Advertisers Love High Volume Newsletter Send Outs
Sydney Mum Made Millions Selling Website To Media Company
Top 3 Content Criteria For Websites & Blogs
Beach Girl Explains Her Online Success
Reverse Search Engines & Facebook Advertising
Online Divas Now Connecting Online Business Women
My Blog Is My Best Branding Tool
Singapore and Malaysian Blogging Trends
A Blogger That Breaks News - Tim Burrowes
100 000 Hits Makes Liv An Australian You Tube Star
Mad About Affiliate Marketing

I hope you enjoy the site!

Best wishes, Andrea. :-)

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