Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Want To Be A Travel Guide Contributor? Writers in Latin America

Hello Everyone, If you are in Latin America and looking to share your travel experiences, help other travelers and get published in travel guidebooks, take a look at a site we learned of this week: V!VA Travel Guides. Based in Ecuador, they produce online travel guides, focussing currently on Latin America. Their site receives more than 100,000 unique users per month - which is very impressive.

Freelance Writing Opportunities
"For budding or talented writers, you have opportunities to write about Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico! If you’re traveling to, live in, or are interested to hear more about the opportunities that we have in these countries, please send your resume and a short writing sample to us at V!VA here. Or to see more opportunities to get involved, click here."

Photography Contest
"V!VA is currently looking for photos for our upcoming Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico guidebooks... read details

333 Most Loved Travel Experiences
"V!VA is currently accepting submissions (written pieces and photos) for the web version of our recently published V!VA World: 333 Most Loved Travel Experiences. The V!VA List series is a way for travelers to share travel experiences and have their stories and photographs published in our award-winning books. Unlike traditional guide books which list all of the "must-sees" and "must-dos" of a place, V!VA World is seeking out the most exhilarating individual experiences, written in such a way that readers will feel the passion and excitement of a place without ever leaving their living rooms!"

Travel Writing Tips from V!VA:

  • "Do inform and entertain - be creative, fresh, original and inspiring

  • Do set the scene

  • Do provide references for factual information - and fact check using 3 different, reliable sources

  • Do use a friendly tone

  • Do turn in good copy

  • Do keep it clean

  • Don't write anything potentially libelous

  • Don't be repetitive

  • Don't be overly flowery with descriptions

  • Don't plagiarize the work of others"

Good luck aspiring travel writers. Watch out Lorraine Caputo.

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