Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UK Top 50: Where Women Want To Work

Hi Everyone, The Times magazine (UK) hits news stands today announcing the Top 50 employers where women want to work, as named by (a large employer-direct company comparison jobsite, run by Aurora).

Dr Glenda Stone (previously interviewed as an Expat Women Success Story here), CEO of Aurora (who manage the annual TOP 50 initiative for The Times) said:

"Organisations in the TOP 50 are much better at figuring out innovative and diverse ways to recruit female talent and they leave no stone unturned. This however is only half the challenge because retaining good women is also essential. Thankfully organisations are getting much better at educating women about what is on offer if they do choose to work for them, how they will support their aspirations, and how this differentiates them from their competitors."

If you are interested in seeing who ranks this year, just click here.

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