Friday, October 31, 2008

Expat Women November Home Page

Hi Everyone, We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful week! Please check out our new Expat Women November Home Page, featuring:

Success Story
Carol Bellamy
World Learning
Carol Bellamy assumed the leadership of World Learning in May 2005, having completed ten years as executive director of UNICEF, the children’s agency of the United Nations. Prior to joining UNICEF, Carol was Director of the United States Peace Corps...

Business Idea
Anupa Horvil
Born in London, of Indian background and with an intense love of colour, Anupa Horvil is the brainchild behind anupa – a luxury brand currently making its mark in Vietnam. Anupa, which means "unique" in Skanskrit, conceptualizes and individually designs all her products…

Children's Travel
The Little Travelers
Angelina Hart
We talk to Angelina Hart, mother of gorgeous girls Chantelle and Nakia who star in The Little Travelers – a wonderful set of DVDs that literally take the audience along with Chantelle and Nakia in their adventures abroad in Japan, Bali and The British Isles...

Changing Careers
A Career Change Abroad
Amanda van Mulligen
Tackling a career change is a challenge at the best of times, but setting off on a new career path as an expatriate can be even more daunting. Amanda van Mulligen talks to four women who have faced tough career choices abroad...

Expat Confession
My Teenagers Are Not Adapting
ExpatWomen Girlfriend
Hello, I need some advice about my two children, 16 and 14 years of age. Ever since we have moved to Germany last year, my children have transformed into withdrawn, negative children who blame me for taking them away from their friends back home…

Family Matters
Family Matters Survey Results & AMJ Campbell International
With an impressive 655 workable survey responses, Robin Pascoe’s survey shares some very interesting results about how internationally mobile families view the support they receive during their relocations… (When these results first came out, we mentioned them on this blog and linked you to Robin's site. We have now posted the results on our own site and wanted to showcase them on our Home Page for November.)

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