Monday, October 6, 2008

Got A Story For (A)WAY Magazine?

Hi Everyone, If you are an expat woman living outside of Belgium and you are interested in sharing your expat experience in Belgium's (A)WAY Magazine, please contact Elena Bucciero via this online contact form (please mark it for Elena's attention).

Elena says: "The idea behind this 'interview-type' piece is to tell other expats what it is like living in various countries worldwide - to give them a 'flavour' of the lifestyle, people, food, culture, etc. as well as information about all the other things which are really important to expat families - education, healthcare, accommodation, cost of living, etc."

Want to see some examples?

Just check out the Double Vision in Mexico article that Jill and I had published in (A)WAY's January/February 2008 (hard-copy) edition.

Or Ginnie Bedggood's Whoever Told You MaƱana Means Tomorrow? in their May/June 2008 edition (which member Ginnie submitted after mentioning Elena's request previously on this blog), about living in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you very much, Andrea.

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