Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Expat Women June Newsletter

Hello Everyone. Earlier today, we sent out our June newsletter - packed yet again with some really interesting interviews and articles. In addition to our June home page features listed in a previous post, the newsletter also included:

Samantha Honey's article: Oil Wives Save The Planet - 7 Ways Expat Women in Oil-Rich Countries Can Help

Ginnie Bedggood's article: Whoever Told You MaƱana Means Tomorrow? mentioned in a recent blog post.

Sondra's Winning Story: Experiencing France (written in the format of a poem, but it still takes the prize this month). Congratulations Sondra, an American living in France.

The name of the winner of this month's fabulous Explorer Publishing giveaway.

An advert for Going-There - Global Destination Services, who are looking for expat women interested in becoming relocation consultants in their expat location. (Great idea!)

...and more...

If you did not receive a copy, you can view it online here. If you believe you should have received a copy, please write to us, with the name and email address that you believe we should have on our database.

Thanks and best wishes!

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