Thursday, June 19, 2008

Entrepreneurial Women's International Tradeshow, Seattle, U.S., 5 - 7 September

If you are a female international entrepreneur who would like to learn more about selling your goods in either the US market and/or the Japan/Asia market, Eri Takahashi of CUDA Consortium International Inc. has asked us to let you know about CUDA's upcoming 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Women’s International Tradeshow in Seattle, Washington, United States - and the discounts they are extending to Expat Women Members.

The tradeshow will take place in Seattle’s tallest skyscraper, the Colombia Tower Club, from 5 - 7 September 2008. The stated purpose of the tradeshow is to:

  • Introduce innovative products;
  • Gain feedback from entrepreneurial women colleagues regarding business structures, strategies, and products;
  • Expand access to international business markets;
  • Access direct consumer product feedback and response via your product display booths; and
  • Explore partnering with other complementary entrepreneurial women’s enterprises.

Eri's prices for Expat Women Members (exclusive of airfare, of course) are:

  • Participant from the US: US$99 (instead of US$120): including seminar participation, public tradeshow, and concluding celebration. Hotel can be arranged at their discount price for participants from outside Seattle.
  • International Participant: US$1,120 (instead of US$1,320): including seminar and workshop, public tradeshow, concluding celebration, hotel (4 nights/person), food (during seminar, tradeshow) and sightseeing.
  • International Exhibitor: US$1,420 (instead of US$1,520): including seminar and workshop, VIP tradeshow, public tradeshow, concluding celebration, hotel (4 nights/person), food, sightseeing and one extra complimentary event pass if you would like to bring a friend (however, hotel and food are not included in this price for the additional person).

For more information please Click Here. Thank you.

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