Sunday, January 13, 2008

Want to be on Canadian TV?

Yes, another one this week. (Maybe now that it's January, production companies are ramping up their research departments.) This time, a Canadian TV program:

"Hello there! I am with a Toronto-based production company called Matter of Fact Media. We are currently producing a series with CTV, the Canadian broadcaster for their Travel and Escape channel called "Exotic Lives." I came across your website and was intrigued. Could you kindly... let me know how best to proceed with your members? Kindest regards, Marilyn B. Fabrizio, Researcher/Production Coordinator, Matter of Fact Media, 258 Wallace Ave, Suite 104, Toronto, ON, M6P 3M9."

mfab@rogers dot com

If you are a Canadian and interested, please contact Marilyn and let her know where you learned of her request. Thanks.

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