Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Expat Executive Women in Asia

Hi everyone. Last year, I wrote ExpatWomen's second article for Mobility Magazine (a monthly publication from the US-based Employee Relocation Council - ERC, which apparently has more than 30,000 hard-copy subsribers, plus online readers).

Great news, the article has finally been published and is now available for viewing here. It does not look as good on-screen as when you see the hard-copy of their magazine with the beautiful pictures (including the photos of the wonderful women interviewed), but the content is still the same, and I hope you enjoy it. :-)

From Chennai to Shanghai: Expatriate Executive Women Working in Asia is basically a summary of my interviews with seven expat executive women working in Asia - about their role, their highlights/successes, their challenges and their advice to employers (given that the audience is typically employers and HR managers). We have scheduled the article to be featured on in March.

My very genuine thanks to the now-famous seven women featured:

Nancy Reisig
(American - Ford - Chennai, India)
(Nancy has now returned to the US)

Christa Avery
(Canadian - KPMG - Sydney, Australia)

Julianne Rogers
(Australian - British Airways - Tokyo, Japan)

Sarah Stuart
(American - Baker Hughes - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Lesley Gibb
(Scottish - Major Worldwide Apparel Brand - Hong Kong, China)

Basia Kruszewska
(American - Element K - Chennai, India)

Cisca Wikkeling
(Dutch - Asia Pacific Access - Shanghai, China)

I would love to do something similar for a European-based HR magazine, so if you are an executive expat woman sitting in Europe, please get in touch with me for a possible interview. Thanks Friends!

contactus at expatwomen dot com

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executive women said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's really nice to read about so many executive women. They are an inspiration to women, myself included.

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