Sunday, January 13, 2008

Any Australian Expat Women abroad from NSW?

Here's a Radio Producer looking for Australian expat women abroad, from New South Wales (NSW):

"I am a Radio Producer for the ABC based in NSW and produce a Statewide Afternoon program across NSW. I am hoping to make contact with NSW expats to do some radio interviews. Nothing too serious - just where they are, how they got there and what they're doing sort of stuff. I've done this in the past in SA and it has been tremendously successful. Family and friends love to hear them on the radio and they get to tell some great stories. Obviously the hitch for me is actually making contact, so I am hoping you... could send my details to and ask for people to make contact if they were interested." "If you can help I would appreciate it - to make sure this is not a crank email you can access our website on - my biog isn't there at the moment because I am just new to NSW but you could take a look at Presenter Fiona Wyllies blog. Regards,

Pam MacIntosh
Statewide Afternoon Producer

If you fit the bill and are interested, please contact Pam directly - and let her know how you heard about this. Thanks.

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