Thursday, January 31, 2008

Foreign Relations in Pink Magazine

It's official - you guys really are the flavour of the month. First it was More Magazine (US) that ran an article about women working globally in their Dec/Jan edition, and now it is PINK magazine (US) that features an article by freelance writer Renuka Rayasam, entitled "Foreign Relations: Here's what those you work with overseas really think of American businesswomen" in their Jan/Feb edition.

I got quoted a couple of times, from an email interview that Jill and I did last year with Renuka. They seemed to only use the controversial quotes - eg. one about California blondes (remember, Jill is a Californian blonde, so that one was primarily from Jill's experience) - and one about (executive) women often having a tougher uphill battle than (executive) men abroad. We did say other interesting, intelligent things, I assure you. But hey, this is media, and isn't any publicity better than no publicity?

Thanks Renuka for the inclusion - it was actually genuinely appreciated. :-)

PS. If, you are a Tyra Banks fan (aka Supermodel, America's Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks show etc), then there's a double-incentive to buy the Jan/Feb magazine, as she features both on the cover and as their feature story inside. I confess, I am a fan - as she openly admits to being thrown daily "you cannot do this because you are black" comments in her career, before she got to where she is today. To me, she is like Oprah in many ways - not only do they both have their own talk-shows, but they both exemplify women who are gutsy and determined - and they do not let the naysayers (or negative people) get in the way of achieving their dreams. Go Tyra.

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