Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Taxes for Expats: Our New Expat Women Bronze Sponsor

Hi Everyone, We are excited today to introduce you to Taxes for Expats - another company that has come on board to sponsor us because they value what we do and want to support us!

Thank you Taxes for Expats - a New York City-based, women-owned tax preparation firm specializing in American taxpayers living abroad.  

Granted, many of us are not American, but one-third of our members are, so if you are American, you need to pay taxes, and you are interested in a company that supports great websites (smile), please read on... Thanks so much, Andrea.

Taxes for Expats

"With over 20 years experience, Taxes for Expats have helped hundreds of Americans living abroad stay on the good side of the IRS. With a 100 percent focus on the American expatriate community, they would make an ideal partner for your U.S. tax filing needs. To contact the founder, IJ Zemelman (an IRS-authorized Enrolled Agent), please email questions@taxesforexpats.com, phone +1-646-EXPAT-US (+1-646-3972887), or visit their website at http://www.taxesforexpats.com.

Given the current fiscal state of the U.S. government, the IRS is bringing ever more resources to bear on making sure that American expats file their U.S. tax returns. Every year brings more laws and regulations that make non-filing a very expensive proposition (potentially including criminal prosecution). Taxes for Expats have helped many Americans catch up with their U.S. tax filing obligations and get current with the IRS. They intimately know the process and the best ways to approach this seemingly daunting task. Most of their clients did not have to pay any penalties - but for this you have to be proactive rather than wait for the IRS to find you. So please do get in touch with them. They would like to help."

Educational Articles by Tax Expert, IJ Zemelman

Finally, if you are looking for some educational articles, Taxes for Expats' founder, IJ Zemelman, has also kindly contributed some very useful articles to our Expat Women site. Just click on the titles below if you are interested. Thanks.

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Should You Hire An Expat Tax Professional For Your U.S. Tax Return?

Filing Back Taxes As An Expat

State Taxes And The American Expat - Can You Ever Set Yourself Free?

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