Friday, September 16, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter? (September 15-16 edition)

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying September! Here are some expat links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you...

7 Ways Hurricane Irene Taught Me Not To Lose My Head As An Expat

5 Lessons Wonderland Taught Me About Expat Life, by Lewis Carroll's Alice

Do Expat Child Custody Laws Need Changing?

10 Most Liveable Cities in 2011?

How to Turn Study Abroad Regret into a Positive

10 Most Expensive Cities for Hotel Stopovers

How Does an Expat Define 'Home'?

10 Things I Miss From Home by Suzanne in Bermuda

Expat Taxes on Forbes: "Can Moving From Japan to NY Make You a Rhode Island Resident?"

Expat Life isn't as Peachy as You Might Think - The Uncertainty of Expat Life

Please Support Expat Writing Mentor Jo Parfitt and Her New Upcoming Novel - Interview Her or Ask Her to Write for You!

Preserve Your Expat Memories & Help Expat Archive Center to Document the Social History of Expat Life


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