Friday, September 30, 2011

Expat Women Home Page October 2011

Hi Everyone, Please take a few minutes to read, enjoy, share and tweet about our new October home page features below. Thanks so very much – and I wish you a sensational weekend! Andrea.

Success Story
Kerry Bannigan
Co-Founder and CEO, Nolcha
Inspired by the buzz of NYC, British born Kerry Bannigan left her corporate job to establish a business in the independent fashion industry. She applied her business know-how to co-found Nolcha, a company that helps designers market and expand their brands. She also developed Nolcha Fashion Week, The Ethical Fashion Preview, and more...
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Business Idea
Lilac Lingerie
Emilia Kutrovska
In 2001, Bulgarian Emilia Kutrovska and her husband moved to Ottawa, Canada, to pursue more opportunities for education and success. They planned to stay only a few years, but fate stepped in when Emilia decided to complete a communications degree and her husband later landed his ideal job. In August 2010, Emilia became an entrepreneur by opening Lilac Lingerie in trendy Westboro. We talked to Emilia about her new and satisfying career abroad...
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Meet the Author
One White Face
Hilary Corna
Ohio-born Hilary Corna had always dreamt of living in Asia. So after graduating from college, and against everyone’s advice, Hilary sold her prized Jeep and purchased a one-way ticket to Singapore, with no job to go to, and just one suitcase to start her new life. What could have ended in failure turned into her greatest adventure yet. We talked to Hilary about her new memoir One White Face – which has been described as the Generation Y version of "Eat, Pray, Love!...
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Expat Confession
Overcoming Negativity
Extract from Expat Women: Confessions
This is my second posting overseas with my husband, and I know I am becoming more and more impossible to be around. I find myself uncontrollably ranting negatively about everything here in Israel. I used to be such a relaxed and pleasant person to be around, but now I am spiraling out of control and I have no idea how to return to my usual self...
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Surviving Repatriation
Adapting Back Home
Andrea Martins
In our first week back in Australia, it hit me: repatriation for me was probably going to be more like switching hats – back to what I had known before, but life in Australia was going to be a whole new learning experience for our Australian-born children who had never known what it was like to really live in Australia. How wrong I was...
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