Wednesday, April 13, 2011

US Global Mail - Free 3 Month Trial for Expat Women Members

Hi Everyone, Our Bronze Sponsor US Global Mail, would like to offer you a free 3 month trial of their service, so you can experience just how wonderful they are. I encourage you to consider it! Andrea :)

Shop and ship from the United States (US) with complete confidence with US Global Mail.

US Global Mail (USGM), has been in the business of making life easier for US expats and overseas shoppers for the past eight years. The company was created by expats and for expats, with a need to control their mail and packages while away from the US for extended periods.

The concept is simple, but the technology behind it very unique. Here is how it works:

1. You sign up online, send in a few forms to verify identity and you are given your own personalized mailing address in the US.

2. You can use this address to route all your incoming mail and packages to it. Once it is received, USGM will enter the details about the pieces received into an online portal.

3. You log in to your account and voila - you have all the information on the physical mail and packages received – you can now decide what you want USGM to do with it. You could choose to have it consolidated, select various shippers, or even have USGM discard it if it’s just junk mail or catalogues.

4. Everything arrives to you via FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS – delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

USGM offers several unique benefits for overseas shoppers:
1. Retailers that do not ship internationally will ship to your USGM address. Shop from several online US shops – Gap, Abercrombie, Gilt, Hautelook, etc and have it all sent to your address in the US.

2. Consolidation - Have USGM repack everything so that you can cut the bulk and save tons on shipping.

3. Lowest international rates – the tremendous volume of shipping handled by USGM allows it to pass on the savings to their clients.

4. Security – USGM has a secure warehouse in Houston, TX and several layers of security on its website. So shop and ship with confidence.

5. Absolutely no hidden charges ever. Shipping companies are notorious for things like fuel surcharges, extended delivery area charges etc. With USGM, what you see is what you pay! They will never charge any fees that is not clearly posted on the website. You can even ask for a quote before you ship.

As a very special offer to visitors from Expat Women, US Global Mail would like to offer you a completely risk-free trial of their services at no cost for the first THREE months. Just click here and then use the code EXWO when signing up.

There is a reason US Global Mail has thousands of very satisfied customers worldwide. You can see some of the wonderful things they have to say about them at Become a Facebook fan for even more exclusive deals!

Thank you in advance for considering to use US Global Mail – a valued Sponsor of Expat Women!

And thanks in advance for joining our main Expat Women site, if you have not already!  Andrea

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