Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are You A Relocation/Global Mobility Industry Professional Looking For A Flexible, Part-Time Sales Position?

Hi Everyone, We at Expat Women are excited to soon launch our first (of several) high-quality, company-customizable books for the relocation and global mobility industry, which talk about real-life issues for expatriate women and aim to inspire women abroad.

We want to make a real impact on the relocation/global mobility industry, and to do so, we need an industry professional who is available and passionate to help.

Do you know anyone?

Ideally, we are looking for someone with all of the following attributes:

* Has 10+ years genuine experience working professionally in the relocation/global mobility industry (not just moving around yourself, even if you have moved 20 times, sorry), with a major relocation/mobility company

* Is a fabulous networker and already has many legitimate contacts in this industry that they can approach straight away

* Loves people and is not afraid to initiative conversations to help sell our products

* Has excellent written and oral English communication skills

* Has great online skills (email systems, Internet usage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, LinkedIn and so on)

* Boasts high integrity and trustworthiness

* Is female (given that we are a women's site)

* Resides in the United States

We want the role to be a win-win, so we invite you to work from home and determine your own part-time hours. This role therefore might be perfect for someone taking time out of the full-time workforce (perhaps to raise a family), but who still wants to work in the industry and gain new experiences.

For more information, please send your confidential email (and why this interests you) ASAP to: Andrea Martins, Director, ExpatWomen.com. Thank you.

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