Monday, April 25, 2011

Missed Some Great Expat Links on Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some great expat-related links I have tweeted recently, that might interest you. Enjoy!

"Is There A Perfect Personality For Expats?" Very good article in The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Difficulties Of Divorcing Abroad

Expat Women Uncomfortable Driving Abroad Survey Shows

The Trailing Spouse: The Achilles Heal of International Assignments?

True? Nobody Cares About Your Story

Bored in France? Expat Nicky Rowe says never - She defends her adopted home

Most British Expats Don't Want To Go Home?

Shocking Story of an Expat Woman Jailed for 5 Months in the UAE When She Reported Her Rape

7 Reasons Not To Become An Expat?

Are You "Escaping" or "Relocating"?

The World: A Classroom and Playground: Lessons from the Study Abroad Cycle

"An Honest Look At My Life as An Expat” A Loss of Identity Story

Tiger Mom, Meet Panda Dad

“Have Camera, Will Travel” Interview with an expat filmmaker

What Makes A Good Expat?

How to Stand Out in the Global Marketplace: Part 2 of 5

Great piece about a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and a Quarter Life Crisis

Talent Mobility 2020: The Next Generation of International Assignments (36 page report by PWC)

How Does A Third Culture Kid (TCK) Define 'Home'?

"How Becoming an Expat Entrepreneur Changed My Life”

What Is Expat Identity? Article on Expatica by Anthropologist Sarah Steeger

Expat Life and Alcohol Addiction

Interesting Article in Guardian UK: Should We Stop Using the Term Expat?

Expat Time Travel: The Positive Side of Putting a Career on Hold

Delayed Grieving Abroad: An Expat's Tale of Coping with Death Back Home

The Great Expat Party: Bars, Clubs, Drinks: One Perspective

How To Earn A Living Online From A Foreign Country

10 Tips To Grow Your Career Overseas

10 Step Plan to Career Change

Helping Expat Children Adjust To Life Abroad

Living in an Expat Bubble? 2 Bloggers Have Their Say: Patryk Kujawski on and Anne Egros on

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I missed the links and thank you for posting! I am now signing up for your Tweets. All the articles were great.

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