Monday, November 8, 2010

Missed Some Great Writers' Links On Twitter?

Hello Everyone, If you are an aspiring or a professional writer, here are some of my recent writer-related tweets that might interest you, as you write your expat stories and/or you write for business or pleasure:

Behind-the-scenes of an expat publishing success story!

Authors, marketers, Job-hunters: Build your visibility by volunteering!

Do book titles sell books?

9 Book Design Tips That Authors Need To Know

How Tucker Max Got Rejected by Publishing and Still Hit #1 New York Times

Rushkoff: Why I left my publisher in order to publish a book

10 People Writers Need In Their Network

Interview with Author of "You Turn: Changing Direction in Midlife" - 40+ stories about midlife turnarounds

Writers, Authors, Self-Publishers: Are You Building Your Platform?

Voice Over Tips from @getinthehotspot: I used got about 8 quotes ranging from $5000 - 500! Strange to hear someone else reading your book aloud

7 Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success

If you would like to follow me in 'real time' on Twitter, my Twitter ID is @andreaexpat, or you can just click here. Twitter is surprisingly easy, once you take a look.

Best wishes, enjoy your day/evening! Andrea :-)


Maria said...

Thanks! The twitter roundup is always much appreciated.

Expat Women said...

My pleasure, Maria!

Glad it's useful!


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