Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missed Some Great Expat Links On Twitter?

Hi Everyone, Here are some expat-related articles and links that I have tweeted about recently, that might interest you:

Does it pay off for women to work abroad? Washington Post

Recommended: Truly moving story about motherhood

Any State Department bloggers out there? Put yourself on the map – literally

Good school hunting: excellent article from Beijing

Traits of Successful Expats?

Can You Help Bring Domestic Violence Victims Abroad home for the holidays?

New book: Black and Abroad

Expats: Never trust strangers with your mail! Trust only the best - will take care your mail, anywhere...

European expats are the biggest earners in Dubai

WSJ: Shareholders Hit the Roof Over Relocation Subsidies

Bring Talent Home: A 120,000 Euro Project To Bring Expats Home

Thinking of moving abroad? 7 Things To Consider

Expat Partner Support Crucial When Families Are Posted Abroad

Expat or Temporary Resident or...? Great discussion here

Expats: How long does it take to feel at home abroad?

Watch "Successful Living Abroad" lectures for expats and your families to feel less alone during relocation

Sign up for new Global Mobility magazine launching December 2010

Top 10 countries represented by Canadian Expats in this group: US, UK, UAE, Greece, Qatar, France, Saudi Arabia...

Missed the Expat Forum 2010? See a slideshow of highlights and stay tuned for video clips

More than half of British expats do not want to return home

Expats: 10 best things ( and 10 worst things ( about being an expat wife

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