Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Expat Women December 2010 Home Page

Hi Everyone, We have now uploaded the new features for our December Expat Women home page.  We invite you to read them, share them and tweet them.  Thanks so much!

Success Story
Romance Novelist
Long-time Dutch expat Karen van der Zee is without doubt, a writer's success story.  She has had 35 romance novels published by Harlequin Books, as well as many stories from her globetrotting life in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US...

Business Idea
Janet Dorey
Janet Dorey is a wonderful example of a woman who has reinvented herself abroad. Janet, who double-majored in music and biology, is now running a business in cartonnage – the art of making decorative boxes out of cardboard and paper...

Pyramid of Expat Needs
Elizabeth Abbot
Living and working in different cultural or multicultural environments adds layers of complexity to your life and work – a curious twist that can unsettle your sense of who you are, affect your confidence in how you operate, and empower you to grow...

Campus Visits
Rebecca Grappo
For families that live abroad, unless they have a magic carpet, or unlimited time and funds, it is very difficult to visit all of the boarding schools or colleges/universities that a student might be interested in offshore, or back "home"...

Expat Confession
Expat Women Girlfriend
We are first-time expats living in India for my husband’s job. We have a good expat package, we live in a lovely neighborhood… but the one thing that really disturbs me here is the begging...  

BlogWorld 2010
Andrea Martins
In October, I was privileged to attend BlogWorld 2010 in Las Vegas with more than 3,000 other attendees...  Many big social media names were there, such as Scott Stratten, Darren Rowse, Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Brian Solis, Yaro Starak, Jay Bear, Steve Garfield, Chris Garrett, Scott Monty - and even The Apprentice and Survivor creator Mark Burnett...  

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