Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Survey: What is an Expat Woman's Role in Top-Level Management Decision-Making?

Hi Everyone, Pamela Muñoz is an expat in South Korea who is doing her thesis on professional/working expat women in Asia and needs your help...

If you fit her criteria above, Pamela would love 10 minutes of your time to please complete her online survey entitled "Expat Women's Role in Top-Level Management Decision-Making".

"I would like to ask for your help in getting participants to answer a survey I have developed for all working, professional expat women.  I'd like to know what types of work they do, what industry, what country and how empowered they feel in their positions.

My theory is that many of the high-level women professionals, in male-dominated societies, are still not being regarded as a true asset. This has been my experience working in Korea, along with some of my other female colleagues.

My thesis is trying to identify if this is only true of Korea or in other countries as well.  All too often, the expat (male or female) is simply a figure head to show how 'global' the company is but that person has little say in true decision making for the firm.  This is a quantitative study to either prove or disprove my theory." Pamela

Please click here to participate in the survey, or click here to email Pamela directly.  Thanks.

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