Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Interview With CRAVE's Melody Biringer

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you this great Seattle Woman Magazine interview with the highly personable Melody Biringer, who I had the pleasure of meeting last October when we were both visiting Amsterdam.

Melody started The CRAVE Company, whose catchphrase is "An Urban Girl's Guide To All That You Crave", back in 2001, releasing the first CRAVEguide in Seattle in 2002.

She now has fifteen CRAVEguides on her site, including two for Canada and one for The Netherlands. She runs CRAVEparties and CRAVEbusiness - and knowing Melody, she probably runs a lot more.

Melody is not an expat woman but she is an inspiring one. Read right to the bottom of her interview and you will see her most important entrepreneurial lessons - learned from starting over 20 businesses.

Go Melody!

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