Friday, April 30, 2010

Expat Women May 2010 Home Page

Hi Everyone, We have just uploaded our Expat Women May 2010 home page. Please take a look, share it with your friends and tweet about it for us. Thank you!

Success Story
Lynda Armstrong OBE FEI
Technical VP, Shell International
Lynda Armstrong OBE FEI, awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2003, has worked for Shell for more than 35 years in a variety of assignments around the world. Lynda’s current position is Technical Vice President with Shell International, based in the Netherlands...
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Business Idea
Masha Malka
Success Coaching
Masha Malka is a former Soviet refugee who has gone from living life with little clarity and focus to becoming a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker and a mentor to many. She is a resident coach for the national radio station Talk Radio Europe in Spain and has done over 200 radio interviews...
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Embracing the Pain and Power of Change
Nona Jordan
Living overseas can be a constant barrage of new and exciting experiences. However, even the most savvy and confident of women can get thrown off balance during the unexpected changes that life throws their way, resulting in painful body aches and/or emotions...
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Expat Confession
My Kids Are My All
Expat Women Girlfriend
I am a lawyer who gave up my own very successful practice to move abroad with my husband over 14 years ago. My husband travels extensively for work and I am worried that I am too attached to my children... my days revolve around my kids entirely and I willingly turn down social functions...
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Starting A Business
Got A Million Dollar Dream?
Learn From Tamara Monosoff
Former expat Tamara Monosoff is a mother and businesswoman who knows all about making dreams come true. Tamara made her own dreams come true when she invented and successfully sold her product in thousands of stores nationwide. She has also made the dreams of thousands of other mothers come true...
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Worldwide ERC® Event 
Insights From Asia Pacific Conference
Andrea Martins
Have you ever made a last-minute decision to attend a conference and then found yourself having such a wonderful time you wondered why you had never attended before? Well, that happened to me recently at the Worldwide ERC® conference in Hong Kong...
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Amazon Kindle Competition
We will be closing this competition today, 5pm NY time.  The winner be announced on this blog next week.

Thank you very much and have a fabulous May!  Andrea

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