Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Expat Expert Blog: Would You Like To Contribute?

Hi Everyone, An update on our friend and a mentor to many expatriate families, Robin Pascoe, who was recently honoured with Jo Parfitt as a "Trailblazer" at the March FIGT Conference.

Robin has given closure to her piano blog this week, having figured out now the next step in her career/life (...stay tuned...) and she has also put a call out for guest contributors to her Expat Expert blog.

If you are interested, here are Robin's guidelines:

"1. ExpatExpert.com is devoted to the needs of the expat family and in particular the accompanying partner and children. Your content must have some semblence of a family component to it, OK?

2. Postings should be no longer than 500 words tops, shorter would be even better.

3. It's perfectly all right to re-blog (is that like re-gift, or re-tweet?) something you have already written on your own blog...

4.....and absolutely give me the URL of your own blog, website, Facebook fan page, whatever. I am here to promote you as well as your writing so I need all the relevant info in order to do that. If there is a picture, even better! I think even I can manage to upload a photo.

5. It would be super (but not necessary) to conclude your posting with a provocative question or just simple question that might inspire some discussion. I'd like to encourage readers to 'talk amongst themselves.'

6. How-to-do-this: Go to my contact page and write to me about your idea for a submission. Together, we will take it from there."

Robin's site and blog are very well-read and respected in the expat/mobility field. So, if you have something valuable to contribute, you might benefit from some nice exposure. :-)

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