Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inspiring Your Success Abroad: Talks In The Netherlands

Photo: Stephanie Ward and Andrea Martins

Hi Everyone, My apologies for not writing for so long. It's funny - sometimes you have to travel half way around the world, just to find time to do things that you have not found time to do at home. Anyway...

A big thanks to everyone who attended my Inspiring Your Success Abroad: A Presentation For Expatriate Women talk yesterday at Expatica's 'I Am Not A Tourist Fair' in Amsterdam. And a very special welcome and thank you to all of our new members that signed up at our Expat Women stand yesterday!

If you are in The Netherlands and would like to hear my Inspiring Your Success Abroad presentation, please come along this Thursday night, 29th October, to the EPWN Amsterdam meeting (click here for details) or the Connecting Women meeting in The Hague next Monday night, 2 November. Thanks for your support! Andrea


Stephanie said...

It was wonderful to meet you in person! You radiate enthusiasm and inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your trip in NL and safe travels home.

Expat Women said...

Stephanie, you are too kind. But thank you. Andrea :-)

Marta said...

Hello Andrea! It was fab having a new chance to talk to you tonight at the EPWN event in Amsterdam. Also, I was delighted to listen to your presentation. Very, very inspiring :)) Thanks! Enjoy Europe and then Malaysia ;-) Hasta pronto! Cuidate, Marta

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