Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Survives Fall Under Train In Pram

Hi Everyone, This is not expat-related, but I had to share it anyway. They say Oprah wants the first interview with the mother, so Oprah/her team must be fascinated by it as well...

Baby Survives Fall Under Train In Pram

Have you seen the YouTube videos (here's one of them, on a news site today in Australia) about the baby in Melbourne, Australia, whose pram accidentally rolled onto the train tracks (when the mother was doing something normal like adjusting her trousers)? The baby's pram was hit by the oncoming train (which carried the baby under the train for 30 metres), but the baby boy survived and apparently only received a small bump on the head. Astonishing!

I am sure the mother is counting her blessings. Thank goodness the baby is okay. Not sure the mother will recover for a while, but I hope she does soon, so she can enjoy every day she's been given as a second-chance with her son.


ps. Here is another news site's version:
Baby In Tram Hit By Train, Then Goes Home

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