Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congratulations Angela Draskovic & The Zoë Alliance

Hello Everyone, Recently I saw in a Silver Lining Limited newsletter that Angela Draskovic won an entrepreneurial award for the Zoë Alliance. I wrote to Angela to ask if she was an expat or had spent any significant time abroad as an expat, so we could interview her as a Success Story for our site. Unfortunately she's not nor has she ever been an expat, but I wanted to give her/the Zoë Alliance a quick congratulatory shout-out here anyway...

Zoë Alliance

"ZOË is the Greek word for abundant and flourishing LIFE. ZOË Alliance Inc. is a social enterprise established with one aim – to Empower People for Life. Specifically ZOË Alliance helps people and companies transform impoverished villages with their regular purchases.

We believe that people in developing nations are no different than we are in that they desire dignity, the opportunity to work, provide for their families, and invest in their communities. They are different in that they face significant challenges socially, economically, geographically, and politically that make it impossible for them to break the cycle of poverty without strategic and respectful support and intervention.

We stretch each dollar spent on gifts 3 ways to:

  1. Purchase a gift or source a product that tells the story of hope;
  2. Create jobs with dignity in villages; and
  3. Donate funds toward a school or village project.
Our model harnesses the power of the over $849.7 billion dollars we spend and donate each year and turns it into a new way to approach international development. A respectful, market driven, and sustainable way to alleviate poverty that gives much more than a donation."

Congratulations Angela and the Zoë Alliance. Thanks for helping to redirect our spending power - and in turn - helping to make our world a better place.

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