Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Settling-In To Life In Malaysia

Hi Everyone, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is treating me really well! Everyone is really friendly and the food, shopping and leisure-time activities are fantastic. It is very hard to find an expat that does not love living here.

Slowly-but-surely, I am coming up for air in the relocation process... so hopefully this blog's momentum should pick up again soon. Thanks for your patience - and a special thank you for the emailed messages of support and good wishes, Andrea.


Katie Rigney-Zimmermann said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying it here. I am always a bit worried that the new families at school will find it hard and then I will feel bad because I told them how great life in KL is. Just found out we are going to HCMC so after 11 years I am a bit worried. Any tips?

Expat Women said...

Hi Katie,

I'll answer you via email - it's more personal. but for any other readers that are interested in my response about HCMC, we have a few (not as many as we would like) links and a downloadable PDF on our Vietnam page: and we also have a few bloggers in Vietnam that you could write to (

Other than that, with 11 years experience in KL, I think you'll figure it out once you get there - and you'll be fine. I'll heard good things about HCMC.

Enjoy!! Andrea

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