Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leman Expat Fair - Switzerland

Hi Everyone, The Léman Expat Fair is coming up on September 27. If you are in Switzerland in the Geneva/Montreux area, you may like to take part. Here are some official words for Expat Women members from Mrs Jos van Megchelen:

"Don’t miss the 3rd edition of the Léman Expat Fair in Morges. 100 exhibitors – businesses, services, schools, organizations, clubs, etc. - will be available to help you integrate fast and easy in the Geneva-Montreux area. Also a lot of information is present for the English speakers already here for a longer period of time.

Free admission, Free parking and Fun for the kids. Enhance your expat experience and visit the Léman Expat Fair on Sunday September 27 from 10am until 5pm. Thank you!"


Gayle said...

I am in Lausanne and the Leman area a few times a year, for business and pleasure. I wish I could participate in this fair! Perhaps next year, I can make a trip to coincide with it. Morges is one of my favorite places.

Expats said...

thanks for telling Leman expat fair. very informative blog, keep it up...

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