Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Released: Mercer's Worldwide Cost Of Living Survey 2009

Hi Everyone, Mercer have just released the results of their latest cost of living survey and according to their press release, the cost of living in Tokyo has risen to 43% higher than that in New York!

Osaka came in second, then Moscow third, Geneva fourth and Hong Kong has risen this year to 5th place. Moscow is still the most expensive European city for expatriates.

Australian and NZ cities dropped right down the list, with the most expensive city, Sydney, falling from 15th to 66th place and the next city, Melbourne, sliding from 92nd to 36th place.

Here are the official survey headlines:

"Tokyo knocks Moscow off the top spot as the most expensive city for expatriates; Johannesburg is the cheapest.

Asian and European cities dominate the top 10.

Significant currency fluctuations and strengthening of dollar cause major reshuffle in the ranking.

London drops 13 places to rank 16, New York joins the top 10 list."

To see their Top 50 list and maybe find the city in which are you living, just click here.

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